Metal Pelmennica

This cookware for sculpting ravioli familiar to our grandmothers.Until now, in shops and on the free classified ads website you can find such round grating with a plurality of holes.Produce them in aluminum, most of the current models have a thin layer of preventing adhesion to the surface of the dough.Simpler metal Pelmennica need to sprinkle with flour.With such a device can be 30-40 pelmeshek same shape (hexagon or circle) at a time.Mistress like this option because of their shape - round layers of dough easier to roll out. principle sculpting with metal and plastic Pelmennica same - into the recesses on the first layer of dough is la
id out stuffing, covered with a second layer of rolled out with a rolling pin and vigorously.

Plastic Pelmennica

modern plastic tableware manufacturers declare that their products, including Pelmennica, more comfortable and better conventional counterparts.Most of them offer a whole set of kitchen utensils, including grid storage container pestle to squeeze, scoop, container stuffing and even a rolling pin, which, if desired, can be poured hot or cold water, different recipes require different technologies.It would seem, why so difficult?But plastic Pelmennica has many advantages over metal.Firstly, they all make up more sets can be washed in a dishwasher.Secondly, the grating has a rectangular shape, it can be easily connected with the container, so it is easier to store, in contrast to round Pelmennica.The third advantage - the presence of rubber feet to prevent it from slipping on the table.In stores you can find cheap plastic Pelmennica, but before you buy one, it is necessary to make sure that it is made from safe plastics. Metal Pelmennica cheaper than their plastic counterparts, but should take into account that the latter is attached to the modern set that can be used for other work in the kitchen.

Mechanical and Electrical Pelmennica

Electric Pelmennica used in the mass production of semi-finished and at home do not apply.With regard to mechanical, they are a likeness of the hand-pressed on the old washing machine - that is, the handle, the rotation of which is driven by two drums.Dumplings are obtained with the flat like ravioli stuffed with ragged edges.Process modeling is certainly not very time consuming, but necessary to roll out the dough by hand, but the device does not wash it too convenient.Some housewives say that bonding edges using mechanical Pelmennica not very reliable.