you need
  • - Vinegar,
  • - clay,
  • - potatoes,
  • - clean towels,
  • - talc,
  • - liquid detergent.
If grease stains spoil the appearance of a wooden door, and its surface is painted, in this case it is necessary to apply for its cleaning composition of the vinegar and clay.Take vinegar and mix it with the same amount of ordinary clay.Should get a uniform liquid slurry, and that must be applied to the grease spot.Wait until it is completely dry, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.Before you use the tool, try to make the procedure less noticeable area door to avoid undesirable results.
To eliminate grease stains with a polished surface of a wooden door will help ordinary raw potatoes.To do this, wash the potato and cut it in half, one half of a good rub the place of contamination and wash it off after a while, clean and warm water.If after this method were small stains, sprinkle the surface of the door of a small amount of flour.Then remove it with a small segment of cloth soaked in oil.No less effectively removes grease talc to treat the wooden surface.
If grease stains and fresh, then is not difficult to remove them.This will help you Liquid detergent for washing dishes.Wet wet sponge at this facility and, as it should, wash the place of contamination.Then rinse with clean water and foam, wipe and dry with a clean cloth.On the painted door you can remove grease stains using vinegar, which is necessary to process them and wait until completely absorbed.
If you do not help none of the above tips, in this case it is necessary to update the door completely.To do this, remove the door from its hinges and place it on a flat, soft surface.Remove all locks, hinges and handles.Using a special solvent to remove old wood lacquered.Sand the surface with a brush of medium hardness and walk emery or sandpaper.Clean the door from the remnants of debris and dust.It remains only to cover the treated uniform layer of lacquer door and your back door as new.