In such impromptu flower pots can be planted low-growing and one of the fast growing plants - cloves, travyanku, chickweed, sedum, thyme, Ajuga reptans and others.Of course, such a plant on the hill does not outsource the winter.They need to be the fall back on the usual place to put them back in the spring in an old tree stump .
to in this container did not stand moisture, side drill one or more holes.And to stump gradually rot, treat with antiseptic composition.
very organic look stumps with block of wood in the
garden, the design of which is couched in a natural style.Because the area around the stump stones can be issued, as well as species of plants - ferns, periwinkle, lungwort or decorative grass.
If stump got a rotten core, it's even better.The middle of the day can be easily removed conventional chisel.And colorful stumps, the central part of which is not rotten, you can do so: after the recess rotten core need in its place pour ammonium nitrate, and then pour the ground.Saltpeter will gradually erode the wood, increasing the "working" volume of the stump.Then you almost do not have to wield a saw and an ax.
fallen asleep in a good nutrient mixture can be grown as stumps and lilies.Thus it is better to take with lilies Asiatic hybrids are more resistant to frost.In addition to the lilies can be planted nasturtiums, marigolds, pansies.Caring for these flowers in wooden containers easily if we do not take into account the annual replanting to their former places.But you can do without a transplant.Threw flowers in the winter spruce branches from mice.In this case, the snow is blown away by the wind in smaller quantities.