Tip 1: How to fix punching bag

Many people are involved in sports and martial arts, we would like to have at home a punching pear .In this case, your training will not be affected by hikes in the room - you can be engaged at any time convenient to you, without leaving home.But then the question arises - how to securely attach the massive structure, reeling from the blows of the house.Fortunately, there are convenient and reliable way to hang boxing pear .
you need
  • anchors (at least 10 mm);
  • Mounting platform with a hook (if large pear);
  • Hammer.
If pear small (weighing less than 50 kg), it can be mounted in the ceiling of a powerful anchor bolt and then screw it on a hook on which to hang the pear.Anchor bolts are extremely reliable, in contrast to the plugs and similar fasteners.They practically do not become loose, as if from long use has become less reliable fastening, it is enough just to tweak it a bit.
So, take a hammer with a drill of the desired size (depending on the thickness of the anchor
) and drill a hole in the ceiling.Then, insert the anchor bolt and tighten the nut until it stops.Make sure that the anchor is securely held and not "walk" in the hole, if necessary tighten the nut yet.All mounting ready, it remains only to screw the hook on the thread of the anchor and can be hung pear .
For fixing heavy punching bag, there are special platforms that need to be secured by four anchor bolts.They are sold in sporting goods stores, often set with a pear.The platform is a square steel plate of about 20x20 cm, with fastening holes at the corners and a hook for hanging the pear in the center.
To fix it, you must first be noted in the ceiling space for drilling.Attach the platform to the ceiling, and mark the desired point of a pencil.Then hammer drill marks on the anchor bolt holes.
Then again attach a platform to the ceiling, and align the mounting holes with the drilled holes in the ceiling.Now you can insert and fix the anchor.It is best to first insert one and slightly tightened, so as not to fall out, and then also secure the second, on the opposite corner of the platform.After that it will be held at the ceiling and did not fall, and you can easily insert the remaining two anchor bolts and turn to tighten them all.Before you hang pear , make sure all bolts are tightened and held securely mount.
If you do not want to spoil the look of the ceiling, you can hang pear on a metal rail in the corridor.To do this, you need to fix the beam at a comfortable height for you.Attach also the best on the anchor bolts as in the operation of pear other connections can become loose and fall out.

Tip 2: How to fix a pear

seems that a lot of fans in the world Mike Tyson.His example inspired many people to buy a punching bag with the great dream of the title.But before you start to strike just bought and brought home sporting equipment, you need to hang pear and securely fastened.
How to fix a pear
Position.To set pear most convenient place is still a corner of the room.There she will not interfere, and at the same time, it will always have free access, which allows to turn on the power: to strike, and left and right.And the most important thing is that this arrangement will allow the pears attach it securely in all planes, as are secure is important, since the sports equipment will constantly remain under the yoke of vibration on your attacks.
fixing scheme.The optimal distance from the pear is 40-50 centimeters.Fabricate bars in which a pear is fixed to the wall.The easiest way to manufacture them from wood.To be safe, do mount long screws with a diameter of 5 mm.If you have wooden walls, it will simplify the work to consolidate.If a stone house, you will have more difficult, because you need to drill holes in the walls and insert them in the plastic plugs.
to vibrations and oscillations pears after striking extinguished quickly tie to the middle of her three middle-diameter cord, the ends of which are secured to a wall.This stretch of the cords will be insured for a quick damping pears and allow you to maintain good relations with its neighbors, which do not have to listen to the constant hammering.
And finally, keep in mind that the length of pears depending on the height ceilings in your home, so it should be an optimal position.This mounting process is finished.Good you practice!
Remember that training with a punching bag is always very noisy, so try not to engage in the early morning and late evening.
Helpful Hint
Periodically check the anchors, if necessary, tighten the nut, then your pear is securely fastened and will serve you for years to come.
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