June 5, 2015 the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law №176 FZ "On Amendments to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation."This law can radically change the lives of the owners of apartments in apartment buildings and not entirely for the better.

This law affects the interests of all strata of the population of the Russian Federation will decide the fate of housing and communal services in the coming years.

At the moment, huge numbers of people have refrained from paying fees for the overhaul, but now developed a procedure for the fight against non-payers and measures to eliminate debt.

But the most interesting thing in this law - this is the order of formation of the general meeting and voting, and transfer them to the bodies of State housing inspection.

Due to the inefficiency of paper documents and the possibility of forgery, the law establishes a procedure for conducting the procedure of decision-making in electronic for

m on the basis of the information system of the State Housing and Communal Services (HCS GIS).This information system is part of the information base - gosuslugi.ru.Go to work with the system to be implemented before 1 July 2016.

Now all owners of flats to take part in the vote on the choice of the management company, or a method of managing the apartment building, you will need to register on the site gosuslugi.ru and get your login and password to work on it.

Once registered in the system one of the owners of certain MCD can initiate an electronic assembly on a certain issue on the website of GIS utilities (dom.gosuslugi.ru).And all the other tenants will be able to join this meeting and vote on your own.Following the decision, the report will go to the State housing inspection, which will help get rid of the situation with a few overlapping paper protocols, sometimes with opposite solutions.

This method of voting will avoid needless pushing at the entrances and strong abuse.But the question of how older people will be able to understand all the complexities of the Internet communications.Some of the owners - simply drop out of the voting process, and will have no choice.