device borehole very difficult.It consists of a mouth, the face walls, the barrel axis and the casing.This device allows you to extract oil and gas, maintain control of the deposits and so on.These operations are not possible to conduct a loose barrel.Therefore, a feature of such wells is a mounting barrel and insulation layers containing fluids.This helps casing particular purpose.

widest pipe, that is, the direction warned caving near the mouth, so the space behind it is filled with concrete or cement slurry.The depth of the shutter depends on the strength of rocks and ranges from five to forty meters.
conductor, then there is another casing must block all the layers that are saturated with fresh water.In this case, the depth of d
escent varies from 200 to 800 meters.Technical column overburden with heavy geological conditions of drilling.Without the production string can not operate well, so it falls to the point where lies the producing formation.Since its most important purpose in the process design focuses on tightness and strength of the column.


design water well affect the life and capacity.Such equipment should be very simple.These wells are divided into two types: Filter (no more than 35 meters) and deep, ie artesian (up to 100 meters or more).With this in mind, the design depends on the depth of the well.The greater the depth of the well, the more it is similar to a telescopic antenna that comes down ledges smaller diametra.Na design choices also influence hydrological characteristics of the region.In general, water well consists of a combination-type casings which have different diameters and lengths.The specific design is chosen when there is useful information about the area.

Features water well depend on the specific requirements.First, the equipment must ensure that the planned volume of water.Second, its walls should be made very resistant to collapse.Third, the structure must have a minimum metal content, and the fourth, not to groundwater flow.Last, the fifth requirement is based on the provision of access to technological operations in the well.Knowledge of structures allows us to develop accurate designs that allow to introduce progressive methods of drilling or water intake and reduce the accident rate.