Practice has shown that a private home is simply not profitable to be connected to central heating systems, as this operation is very costly and complicated from a technological point of view.When using independent heating home owners do not depend on a central boiler, and at any given time of the year can be maintained in their home just for them any comfortable temperature.In addition, modern heating systems is quite economical and can quickly recoup itself in operation.
independent heating system at their work mainly use natural gas, but there are systems that use solid fuels such as coal and wood, there are working on electric energy.
most preferred option - heating with natural gas as the fuel is relatively cheap, and when connected to the mains continuously supplied to your home.You can u
se electrical energy, although in some areas it is delivered intermittently, and thereby possibly dampening the room in winter.
heating control system is easy to use and mostly reliable.In addition, you will save on heating their home, since the use of central heating in your account include losses of thermal power, which carries heat supply company.When using gas heating with gas meter set your heating costs will be minimized due to the fact that in the summer you do not use gas heating, and as a result - you will not pay for gas.
variations and modifications of the system of modern market offers a lot: from the simplest to the "smart", ie those that can be integrated into a system of "smart home".These heating systems can be programmed to time on / off (for example, while you're at work, at home will be maintained at 18 ° C temperature, and before you came to warm up 23-25oS) or at an ambient temperature of - you just place a sensor on the outsidewindow.A number of models suggests combination with heated floors, and some - the infrared heating, which, however, are still poorly used in Russia.
Currently permitted to use an autonomous system for heating and in apartment buildings, thus creating in his apartment a cozy climatic conditions during any time of year.