The change in utility tariffs is influenced by various factors.Among them - a steady increase in inflation, ie depreciation of the ruble against other currencies, resulting in an overall increase in the price of living in the country.In addition, utility prices are rising due to the introduction of new laws by the Russian government in the economy.Itself the current economic system in Russia is largely unstable.Resources such as electricity and gas has been steadily becoming more expensive.Annually contain a house in the country is becoming more profitable.As a result, the state has to change the tariffs for housing and communal services.
Higher prices for utilities most often occurs on July 1.This is due to the fact that since the beginning of the second half shall come into force earlier ado
pted laws are redistributed necessary for living resources.New tariffs are made subject to further rise in prices for electricity and gas.
In certain areas and settlements rates vary from 1 September of each year.This is because the government distributes the remainder of the regional budget for the needs of the population, to determine how much will need to pay every citizen per cubic meter of cold and hot water as well as sanitation.In the cities, carried out repairs of heat networks before the heating season, repaired the mains and shut the gas leak, which also requires new tools.It is to cover some of these costs out of the money that the citizens pay for housing and communal services.
According to the Public Opinion Foundation, 65% of Russians believe that the change of tariffs for housing and communal services significantly affects the family budget, 25% of respondents believe that the impact of this fact negligible, and only 5% of Russians do not see the increase in tariffsno threat for the quality of life and budget.
Furthermore, according conducted annual surveys, on average, 18% of Russians consider increase in prices for housing and communal services "theft, corruption and greed", about 12% agree that it affects "inflation and the general rise in prices, "which can not be prevented.According to 5%, rates are rising due to the ongoing "anti-people policies", 4% think the government is trying to increase the budget.About 49% of Russians find it difficult to name the causes of the tariff increase or have no interest in changing them.