To choose a heater to start find out the characteristics of each type of such devices.In total, there are several: heaters, heaters, oil heaters, infrared heaters and air curtains.The most common type - heater.Such a device captures air from the room, heats it and with a fan delivering into the room.The room is heated rapidly, but quickly cooled.In addition, this device can not be left on unattended.Oil heater has a heating element that heats the oil.And in the oil composition of its heat.The room is heated slowly but evenly.The instrument can be switched to several days, as at a certain temperature, it will automatically turn off.Convectors heat the air, then it naturally comes out and spreads around the room.The infrared heater has a special lamp with infrared radiation, which heats the air is not, as the objec
ts in the room.Air curtains are designed to prevent heat loss from the room and hit the cold air.Such curtains installed around windows or doors.
to determine the choice of the heater, identify acquisition targets and the requirements for the device.So if you need a quick heating, select the thermal fan.To maintain a constant temperature suitable convector or oil cooler.If silent operation is fundamental, forget about fan heaters, as they work quite noisy.If the first place is safe, consider a model with reliable and safe heating elements with automatic shut-off.For heating of limited space or the local area will be advantageous infrared heater.
Selecting heater involves determining the necessary power.This figure will depend on the area of ​​the room.The spacious rooms, the greater the capacity of the device.You can use the formula to make simple calculations.On 10 square meters of the premises shall be at 100 watts of power, so multiply the area of ​​the room is 100, and you'll find the optimal value.If the insulation is not the best, add 100-200 watts.