However, growth rates occurred does not mean that such surprises should not be expected in the future.In the near future the government is slow (or slow) the transition to a system of 100% payment of utilities.This means that the apartment will have to pay for more expensive, even if the growth rates for housing and communal services will not happen.Undoubtedly, this fact will provoke social tension in society and distrust of the state's domestic policy.

The government, for its part, constantly reassure the Russians that every effort is made to kee
p down tariffs.Last time such a statement did Vladimir Putin in April, immediately after his election to the presidency.

certain part of the Russian population lives below the poverty line and can not pay utility bills in full.With the growing number of tariffs are unable to pay for "communal" increased.The total debt of all non-payers is growing exponentially and the beginning of May reached the figure of 170 billion rubles.Companies working in the housing sector, it is necessary to compensate the shortfall.And they are trying to pass this problem on the shoulders of the solvent population.In other words, the resulting profit from the price increase comes to compensation of debts.

continues to be debated in the State Duma a new draft law, according to which the owners of private property in apartment buildings will be obliged to make savings for the overhaul of buildings.Organization of the system of accumulation and maintenance will be entrusted to the local and regional authorities.This means only one thing: the receipt for payment of housing and communal services will be a new item of expenditure.The size of this Article for certain is unknown, but that it will be rather big, that's for sure.

From all of the above, it follows that the Russians have to expect more price increases in the near future.However, the part of those who are always properly paying the bills, too, has a claim to public utilities.Of all respondents 20% are dissatisfied with the quality of heat supply, 18% complain about the dampness in homes, 33% - the poor soundproofing and power outages, 40% - to interruptions in water supply.At the same time no one can explain why to pay more for substandard services.

According to statistics, from 1994 to 2012, housing prices increased by 30 thousand times given denomination.At the same time the official rate of inflation turned out to be thirty times less.Obviously, the increase in prices for communal inflation will not explain.Similarly, as the average consumer will not somehow affect the price growth or consumption of services such as heating, lift maintenance, cleaning yards and porches.That is somehow save.