you need
  • - varnish or paint;
  • - fine emery cloth;
  • - stain;
  • - brush and roller.
Prepare the furniture to the paint work.Clear away all the decorations, which can get into the paint.If they can not loosen, then fold up their cellophane (your regular food).
Remove the old coating using emery cloth with a fine dusting.If the paint layer is thick enough, then use a coarse sandpaper.The procedure is quite long and troublesome, but use the grinder in order to facilitate the work is not necessary.It hurt the veneer, as for the high speed can appear in the material recess.
If there were irregularities in some places or chipped, then prime with them, and then align putty for wood.Wait until it is complet
ely dry, then lightly abrade the skin.
Stir stain and apply two coats of the color to obtain a clean and rich.If you are using water-based paint or enamel, it is not necessary to give shade.
If you decide to paint veneer paint, then apply it in several layers.With paint a bit more complicated.Apply the first coat, let it dry.If sometimes stick "thorn", remove them with sandpaper.
Cover veneer second layer of varnish with a roller - so get a smooth coating.Make sure that there are no stains, remove them will be very difficult.To do this well roll the roller in a special pan.
Make sure that in the process of drying of the coating it is not exposed to dust and dirt, otherwise you have to go all the way to coloring veneer from the outset.
about 1-2 days screw removed all decorations.Do this before undesirable because the varnish dries 48 hours.