term "smart home" was formulated in Washington in the seventies.In 1995, the creators of becoming one of the main priorities in the development of an increase in intelligence household appliances, but the idea has not been large-scale spread.Only in 2012, Panasonic has released a system that can gather together and control all home appliances a single control center, where all the results will be reflected the costs of water, gas, electricity, etc.Moreover, the development of technologies and systems for online monitoring will bring to life the idea of ​​remote control devices that are included in the system, including programmable start / stop multiple options.

components "Smart House»

Currently, "smart home" includes such automated systems like:
- heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.
- lighting system.
- system management and communication.
- power system at home.
- monitoring and security.
With the use of smart home systems, there is no need to use many remotes for different devices - televisions, air conditioners, and so on, control is concentrated in a single multifunctional device

This is handy!

«Smart Home" can be controlled remotely via the Internet using their own website or by phone.You can always see what is happening in your home or to give some kind of order, moreover, from anywhere in the world.

No need to ask someone to look after the house while you are on a business trip or vacation, the house itself take care of everything.Disable unnecessary energy consumers, pour flowers and even he will tell you if there will be something unexpected. If necessary, the house will simulate the presence of people, he will begin to turn on and turn off the light, make sounds of steps. And when you come back, it is adjusted to you, including heating or air-conditioning, will do everything to make you come to a cozy warm room.
«smart house" - is the latest technology, but it has already become available.

How much will it cost?

In fact, smart home systems need to plan and mount at the stage of construction of a residential building.Installation of all components of the system are very voluminous, installation can take up to six months, and from your repair will be over!And have to buy some new appliances, if you want it to be as automatic as work, for example, the climate control system.

So if install all "in full" and not take into account the cost of repairs and the work of masters, it turns out no less than 200 000 thousand.This includes:
- control lighting, including motion sensors,
- automation control the water flow,
- control fires, levels of smoke,
- surveillance, tracking of open doors and broken windows,
- computer control,mobile phone, wireless RF remote control.

separate item in the estimated cost of the project will be a description of all systems and codes to them, as well as the formation of the defense.

«smart house" that's not a sign of luxury, it is quite profitable investment.Now you do not worry about being somewhere else, and always be able to observe what is happening in your home.