planned to introduce self-regulation in the housing sector, this contributed to a long list of factors.For example, Russia's WTO accession.The concept of "major repairs" clearly spelled out in the legislation, but in the West, the item is excluded from all regulations.Utility companies regularly carry out preventive and scheduled preventive maintenance.Deputies plan to learn from the experience, and the details prescribe the reconstruction of houses in disrepair.

believed that there is a need to combine into one service all organizations that are engaged in the management and operation of public utilities, and organize information around the foundation of houses.No one does not keep records of data, since more than half of older homes do not even have passports
, which gives no information about where exactly the house should be to overhaul the first.

and taken into account the specifics of such a reorganization.So far, only a few regions of Russia sufficient number of management companies to organize them into one association on a territorial basis.And this is possible only in large cities.Therefore, in the municipalities of this issue will be addressed, taking into account an individual approach.

subject to discussion stricter requirements for management companies.The draft separate section describes the financial flows, which are summarized from the fees collected from the population, and the loan that is transferred from the regional community organizations and the federal budget for the implementation of target works and services.It will be convenient for the residents themselves, as they will know exactly what it paid the amount specified in the receipt.In this case, for the management companies must control, but who will implement, it is not clear.The authorities believe that this system will reduce the amount of bankruptcy companies.

bodies of municipal self-government will be able to add one more function - control of the quality of housing and communal services.Who is engaged in State Housing Inspectorate.And now will perform supervision and municipalities.

Residents are prompted to install metering devices in every home.As an option, it is proposed for each type of norm set your own homes, which take into account the depreciation of buildings.That is, those residents who do not put the instrument will make a payment on an individual schedule.

planned to adjust the order of payment obschedomovoy electricity.The monthly amount will depend on the size of the house.This option is suitable owners of small apartments, and those who live in areas of large, on the contrary, will lose money.But respectable owners will not have to pay for those who do not perform their obligations to the management company.

Innovation and affect the heating season.In 2013, to pay for heating apartments in the summer will not be necessary.Under the old scheme of payments Payment will be taken only during the heating season, and now the government has decided to go back to the old order.That is kvarplata from June to August will be lower than in the winter months.