Than experienced public authorities of applicants for a license?

The very first step was to obtain a certificate for the head of the organization.In addition to the head of the requirements of the criminal record of an average, and serious economic crimes.

Certificate was issued for the 86 correct answers out of 100 questions on the test computer.All questions were issued to directors in advance and did not cause special problems for the delivery of the leaders.

Thus, more than 90% of directors have received qualification certificates for five years without too much difficulty.

next step should be to check the documentation of apartment houses, requirements to be included in the license for t

he entire period of time management houses.Here, too, management companies cheated and pointed understated control period.And not infrequently, instead of 5 years indicated only 1 year of management.And because of the heavy workload of housing inspections, it was not possible to verify information management companies.

Even leaving inspections to the offices of management companies to test stands with information on the Criminal Code was replaced by submitting photos of the stand.

The final step was to fill the information about the houses included in the licensing of the Criminal Code on its website, as well as on the Federal website «».If the Federal Housing Inspectorate website and managed, something to check the personal websites of management companies remained virtually unnoticed.And on the site Housing Reform most companies were blanks in almost all of the technical information graphs homes.

Thus, licensing went into emergency mode and has not been able to identify the real picture in the housing sector.Although the most backward of all were weeded out, but they were a matter of interest.

Now the company to obtain a license could face the possibility of loss if not managed properly.

What is the law on licensing can threaten residents?The situation is evolving not in favor of people living in troubled homes, especially with residents constantly writing to the supervisory authorities.These houses will be left out of public service and will hang out at the competition in the city administration.Because of fear of losing their license management companies throw off ballast pile of distressed homes.Therefore, in a number of cities may become hot social tensions.