Some people who live in one-room apartments, trying to visually enlarge them, carrying almost all the walls: between the bathroom and kitchen, between the bathroom and the hallway.Perhaps to do so is still not worth it.Firstly, the smell of cooking in the room will then be much more strongly felt.Secondly, when you open the front door will be visible staircase, and it may be draughty.Finally, thirdly, in this apartment about any personal space is not out of the question, to retire is simply nowhere, except in the bathroom, and it is a direct way to increased nervousness and conflicts.
much more reasonable to do so, select only the most necessary minimum household items, without which you will not be able to do.In the kitchen is a refrigerator, sink and stove (gas or electric).A small dining table (if your family prefers to eat in the kitchen, not in the room) it is possible to make a soft, fixed to the wall.If required, the cover is lifted and is secured in a horizontal position by a stopper.It is quite possible to use as a work surface during cooking.So it will be saved a lot of space.
cookware store in hanging lockers.Try to do without the floor.In an extreme case, if there is enough space for crockery and cutlery, make or order a homemade cabinet under the sill.
Instead, swing doors, creating a "dead zone" where nothing can be placed, put at the entrance to the kitchen and the living room light type concertina sliding doors or hang curtains of thick heavy material.
for the living room, try to buy the most appropriate size and functionality of the closet-wall, preferably with a corner wardrobe and with a niche for the TV.If it provides the programmer with a sliding angle for the keyboard lid and vertical niche for your computer, it will be fine.The bay where there is a strong shelf, use a library, and one where the glass shelves - tea and glassware.
as the best bed will fold out sofa with an inner compartment-duct for bed linen.If a family has children, it is desirable to choose a wall that is already equipped with bunk beds.
to room seem visually larger wallpaper paste over her warm and bright colors (such as yellow, yellow) in a vertical strip.