you need
  • - the telephone directory;
  • - a computer with Internet access.
Many localities have common emergency dispatching services.If there is one where you live, the first step should be to call it there.This service collects the application of all the inhabitants of a city or town, and then sends them to the management companies serving a particular house, as well as water and heat supply companies.In any case, there you explain the reason for tripping and indicate the expected timing of the completion of emergency work.It is advisable to ask the name of the person who is talking to you, and if you are applying for - and then her
number.Telephone emergency service is best to write somewhere in a conspicuous place near the home telephone, or put in the cell.
Unfortunately, the operating companies in many cities are changing quite often and sometimes just do not have time to establish contacts with the service.If disabling the water was an unpleasant surprise for you, but it happened during the day, get your telephone operating company.It is usually indicated on the receipt for payment of utility services.You can find it in the city telephone directory and on the website of the company - according to the Housing Code, every management company must have its official website.So far, the legal requirements are not complied with all the firms providing public services, but it is quite possible that your company has a website.Maybe you will find there is not only a phone, but also notice why the water cut off.
Navesti need help can be in the control room and "water utility" or the organization responsible for heating.The second option - for cases where only the hot water turned off.The telephone directory phone number must be the control room.Call the numbers listed in the receipt for payment of hot and cold water does not always make sense, because, as a rule, this number of services involved in billing.
In a small town, you can bring the necessary help from the duty of the city, especially if the trip happened at night.This officer receives all the information, including an emergency emergency work.It is, of course, fulfill your request can not, but I have to answer questions about the reasons and timing.
If there is no water for several days, and tenants so no one reported that when she was supposed to be, what measures are being taken, call the local authority, the Department of housing and communal services.There also can be reported, and about a failed request, specifying the number and the name of the employee who took your call.