Before you go in search of warmth, remember that the heating system can be operated only under certain conditions of temperature outside.Namely, when the window is established daily average temperature below 8 ° C plus, and so it will last for five days in a row.It is usually determined by the RF Government Decree.
If the house is heated normally and abnormally cold once you check your own heating system: whether precisely nowhere airing.To do this, you just need to touch the batteries from top to bottom.If it happens that some of the pipes warm and some cold, so you vozdunaya cork.It needs to drive with a crane, which in modern ho
mes available in each radiator.Place a deep container (pelvis) and open the valve.Water hissed must depart.Evidence that the system remains in the air is steady (not sizzling) technical stream of water from the radiator.Crane close.
If the battery is okay and they are uniformly cold, contact your management company.The technician should arrive within days.He will make the conclusion about the temperature in the apartment and call the team for troubleshooting.
If the management company on your appeal does not respond or the arrival of machinery situation does not change, call to visit neighbors, and conduct measurement of air temperature in the apartment.If there is a parting pyrometer that allows to calculate the temperature of the wall panels, furniture, and then use them.The free form make up the act on the temperature in your apartment.Give sign neighbors.
Please note that the temperature conditions specified in this document as "Sanitary-epidemiological requirements for residential buildings and premises" SanPin your measurements with critical indicators in the SRN and go back to his management company and heat supply organization and expose them to a claim in writing, and be sure to 2 copies.One copy remains with you with a stamp, signature, name and number of the Secretary-feeding.And the other is transferred to the organization to consider the claim.
If the answer still is not in your favor, then do not let this thing take its course, and stubbornly continues to operate.Further it may be your appeal to the prosecutor's office and housing inspection in your area, because of its competence includes control over safe operation of management companies and other utilities.
sent a letter and Rosporebnadzor (because in this case there is a violation of your rights as a consumer).There Rospotrebnadzor hotline: 8-800-100-00-04.