To do this, you must use special tools.But that was the right care, you need to read the instructions and acquire the means to choose the right tool.

Experts say that you can not save on Footwear.This tool should make up 10% of the cost of the shoes.

purchasing shoes for fall and winter, you must pay the one that is made of genuine leather.These shoes perfectly retains its shape, it allows the foot to breathe and is suitable for constant wear.Caring for shoes should be in the first days socks.Almost always, the new leather shoes has a thin coating for a better appearance.But it for complete protection is not enough.Therefore, shoes should be treated in ways that enhance its durability and resistance to moisture.If the shoe sole is also made of the skin, that it should treat.You can then process the shoes special shoe polish.After this procedure impregnating protective equipment should be performed

once a month.Well, shoeshine cream should be carried out once a week.If the shoe has particles of dirt, they should be removed with a dry brush.Thereafter footwear treated with a damp cloth.For cleaning experts recommend the use of special shampoos and foams for the skin, but the fit and the usual soap.White leather shoes should be cleaned with a soft brush, which is wetted with dissolved detergent.Do not use tools such as gasoline, chlorine bleach, acetone.

to severe frosts better to buy shoes made of suede.Since it is much less strength than ordinary leather, suede is necessary to process a special tool that will protect it from the salt, moisture and dirt.Primary processing is carried out in three stages.During each treatment, when the suede moistened, it is necessary to dry well.This procedure is performed in the fall and spring during active precipitation.During suede shoes best not to wear, because it gets wet and loses its original color.As a result of these trips on the skin appear whitish spots.But nubuck less afraid of water than suede.But at the wrong care of the skin an unpleasant luster.Nubuck must be treated periodically with moisture protection means.Contraindicated for use in cleaning the water.