you need
  • - the material for the front side;
  • - material to the wrong side;
  • - scissors zakroynye;
  • - the right color thread;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - items for decoration (ribbons, ribbons, lace).
Choose fabric from which you are going to sew a blanket.Optimally, if the outer side is made of high quality cloth beautiful and underside can be made simpler, preferably made of natural non-slip fabric that does not leave the surface of the bed.In addition, you can perform a blanket in the art peychvork for this pre-sew the front side of the plurality of color patches.
Wash the fabric in the mode in which you'll handle it after sew blanket.This prevents further shrinkage of the material.
Measure the bed.For convenience, you can put on a sc
hematic representation of the dimensions of the interior.
Think about what form of blankets needed you.The easiest option - the usual rectangle with finished edges.You can also complicate the task, and, if the design allows the bed, with a blanket stitch around the perimeter boards.In this case, in addition to a rectangle the size of the surface of the bed you need more rectangular.Its length corresponds to the sum of the lengths of the three sides, which will be closed web.
nesting material.If the width of the web is not enough, Sew two strips of cloth, observe the direction of the warp and weft.If you sew the veil from the sides, first Stitch together the details of facial tissue from the underside.Remember that the lifting of the size necessary to add a few centimeters on each side at the seams, and the laundry.
Pattern the surface covered.You can sew her designs, stitched ribbon or lace.If you want to make a quilted bedspread, it is better to build the line after the right and wrong sides are sewn together.
Sew together the right and wrong parts.Leave a small opening to turn the veil.
Decorate the edge covers.You can use a decorative braid or lace.Another treatment option is the design of the edges with the help of piping.