you need
  • - knife;
  • - dense landscape paper or paperboard;
  • - scissors;
  • - iron;
  • - freezing spray;
  • - absorbent fabric;
  • - soft brush;
  • - liquid detergent.
After getting wax on the carpet is not in a hurry to wipe it away at the same moment anything that comes to hand.Hot wax is only smeared on the carpet, and you'll eventually be cleaned from it a large surface coating.Try not to flatten the wax stain, not to push it deeper into the pile.Allow the wax to cool and harden.
carpets with hard dense pile is less susceptible to the harmful effects, in contrast to the fluffy and dlinnovorsnyh carpet.Therefore, if the victim is not white carpet and a hard pile, use the "hot" removal wax.To begin with not sharp knife, cut the top of the wax stains from carpet , not much pressing, so as not to damage the pile.
Take a sheet of dense landscape of paper or cardboard with scissors and cut out the middle of the hole diameter of 3-4 mm larger than the wax stain.The dimensions of the sheet should be twice the size of the bottom of your iron.Turn on the iron and heat it to a temperature proglazhivaniya synthetic fabrics.Cover with a piece of wax stain with an absorbent cloth.On the fabric, place the paper template, with carefully map the cut hole with wax stain.Iron iron the cloth covering the spot for 5-8 seconds.Make sure the iron is not in contact with carpet, and the wax does not stick to the cloth.After food wax cloth, remove the paper pattern and fabric.
fluffy carpet with long pile is not desirable to be treated iron, there is a good chance to spoil the coating itself.Therefore, use alternative means of purification by means of freeze wax stains.Make a paper template with a circle in the middle, as described above and apply it to the stain.Put on the spot special spray freezing point it exactly on stream contaminated area carpet .After freezing the treated area, remove the paper, and gently break up the stain with a blunt object into small fragments.They fly away from the pile.Thoroughly vacuum the contaminated area carpet .
After cleaning the wax stain with a soft brush, rinse liquid detergent separately place of pollution, and then the whole carpet.