Metal clips for curtains

most popular and time-tested (even our grandmothers used such devices) - clips for curtains, made of metal.It blends perfectly with almost any curtains.But the main advantage of these products is that due to its metal structure they are able to withstand even very heavy.Have a long service life and are sold in any shop, that is, to buy the metal clips for curtains is not difficult.

But at such a seemingly perfect option, there are certain disadvantages.And, above all, it is not very attractive appearance, when compared with the clamps curtain more modern.Moreover, after their application on the curtains remain visible traces getting rid of them is difficult.Use metal clips is reco
mmended only if the curtains must be attached directly to the eaves.

Plastic - more modern, but not always a practical option

Clips for plastic curtains are available in a variety of colors and have a very affordable price - typically lower than that of metal products.But the pros plastic clips, in fact, come to an end.They can not boast of durability and are very fragile.Use these terminals, such as curtains or draperies that have a significant weight is not recommended, as they will not be able to keep them.

Magnetic clips for curtains

This type of clamp is not only the latest but also the most reliable.In appearance and other characteristics of such products differ substantially from the metal and plastic clips for curtains.Their main purpose - to bond the two halves of a curtain in the middle.Securing the fabric it is carried out in a similar way by two special magnets, which are on opposite sides of a cord.The appearance of such products can be quite varied, ranging from the usual large buttons and finishing with original butterflies.

Another undeniable advantage magnetic clamps is that the pick up can be based on characteristics of a particular type of curtains: suitable shade, shape, design, and so on. D. As regards the drawbacks of such clamps, it is only one - of these products are not suitable for mountingcurtains to the eaves.