Before you remove the thing in the store, bring it in order: to remove dirt, if necessary, wash and dry.Depending on the type of material and each item requires special cleaning agents.

pollution on small coat wipe swab dipped in alcohol.Stubborn stains are removed warmed in a pan bran: sprinkle a few times and estimates.To change the color of karakul on rye bran or oatmeal.For white fur use magnesium carbonate and gasoline: Apply to the stain and clean off the powder brush.
Sheepskin brush special brush for suede, with a solution of soap and a small amount of ammonia.
Down jacket goose or duck feathers, too, need to wash.Set gentle mode and the minimum temperature.Dry the jacket on the shoulders, in the sun or near a radiator.After drying, turn it over and shake
to spread fluff.
Hang clothes on his broad shoulders.It is advisable to cover it with a canvas bag to protect it from external influences.At the same time continue the access of oxygen, so the thing does not lose appearance.
in your pocket put insect repellent.If you wish to replace a purchased vehicle sachet dry flowers or sprigs of geranium, lavender, sage, dried orange peel or a piece of scented soap.Strong smell repels moles, and your clothes will remain untouched.
gloves also need washing.Use warm water to the skin and soapy water, rinse, add a little glycerin.Colored leather cleans breadcrumbs and suede - smelling salts.Press the glove through the towel and dry at room temperature.

After drying, flatten and put gloves on a flat surface or hang it on a hanger.
Shoes wash the outside under running warm water, brush with a thin layer of a special cream.Put dry.
Disinfect shoes: Put in each shoe a cotton swab moistened with vinegar essence, and put the shoes in a plastic bag and tie tightly.After 10-12 hours, remove the shoes.Insert the toes wads of paper (such as newsprint), to the storage of the village and the skin is not deformed.Put in a box and store.