you need
  • - powder;
  • - oxygen bleach;
  • - hydrogen peroxide.
Before using different stain removers, try a gentle way - powder, which consists of bleach and other active components.Put a little more than normal means in the compartment for the main wash, put the longest program and temperature of 40 degrees.In the middle of the washing machine stop and give the product a little soak.After this cycle resumed.The product will become clearer after a couple of washes.
Look in stores liquid powder for delicate and woolen fabrics, which bleaches.Often on natural products appear pellets that give a grayish hue.Special components that are part of the cleaning, untangle the fibers and lightly bleached, if you use it regularly.But not always, this option helps to achieve the desired
results from the first, but over time you will notice a whitening effect.
for more radical measures proceed only if the powder did not help to solve the tasks.Use an oxygen bleach.Be sure to read the instructions, when it states that the tool can be used for washing woolen products, then proceed to action.Dissolve the required amount of bleach in warm water and soak the sweater on the hour.Then rinse and prokonditsioniruyte product.
A good whitening effect has hydrogen peroxide.Add it in water (about 3 tablespoons per liter).Soak in a solution of a sweater and leave overnight.During this time, all dirt soak and wool acquire a fresh look.Wash the item by hand or in the machine.If at first the result does not satisfy you, spend repeated whitening procedure a couple of days.