curtain rods during assembly can be used as an extra decoration or to hide it by defining a support function, without decoration.

for use as a decorative suit round or baguette cornices and flush-mounted bus or choose a string cornice.At the same time note that the usual decorative moldings tend to reduce the space of the room.

Choosing curtains cornice determine

When choosing a cornice determine what type of curtains you want to use for the dense and heavy need massive cornices of wood or metal, are those who will be able to support the weight of the curtains.Choose one-piece construction, or in the joints of tires there is a risk sagging.

If you want to use light curtains, you will approach the common plastic moldings, th
ey are much cheaper, besides, easily mounted.

The choice of curtain rods, depending on the windows and walls

If your house windows are small, but arranged in a row, you can visually expand the space of the window, just use this for long ledge in the wall near the window.This effect will create an optical illusion, and your small windows seem larger.For this solution, suitable as a string cornices and moldings of plastic or wood.

Ledges by the method of attachment are:
- wall,
- ceiling.

ceiling cornices are comfortable where perforated wall is difficult, for example, in panel high-rise buildings or old buildings, where the filling wall just enough sleep during drilling.Such moldings are mounted on dowel-nails in the ceiling at a distance of 15-20 cm from the window sill.Less of these models - the complete lack of diversity, the lion's share of these cornices designed for curtains with lambrequins, iesuch that the tire is completely closed.

Wall cornices more interesting, they have a variety of design options and forms, but they are often not able to withstand the massive curtains that give excessive load on the bracket.Securing distinguish hinged wall moldings and solid.Mounted represent a pipe with a few tires that are inserted into pre-mounted brackets.This is convenient, because the homeowner can choose the number of attachment points, and thus significantly increase the carrying capacity of the cornice.

Whole cornices - the rest of the Soviet past, they are impractical, but easy to install.These rods are usually 2-3 supports that are fixed in the factory in one of the tires.Typically used for decoration overhead panel.