first determine the target destination of the carpet.Its quality and texture will be different, depending on the purpose of the room in which it is located.
choosing a carpet covering for a flight of stairs, hallway and corridor note that these places are used very intensively.Therefore gleaned carpets should be the most durable and have antisoiling properties.To do this, the most suitable carpet with a short nap.Good for most "walk-through" places textured coatings, where the pile is twisted and slightly soldered.The villi of the carpet look like small springs, aimed in different directions, which are resistant to deformation and keep their shape.Producing fibers from such coatings resistant to abrasion
and crease, such as polyester and nylon.Despite the fact that the textured coatings are versatile enough to lay them in the recommended Chastoispolzuemyh areas.
choose carpet in the living room, which is resistant to dirt.But since this is the front of the home, it imposed a more stringent aesthetic requirements.Coverage should serve as a living decoration of the room.For this great multi-level carpets - Berbers.These heavy textured coatings, made in the style of Afghan carpets provide a feeling of comfort.A similar effect is achieved due to the presence of geometric drawings of the large loops of different heights.Such carpets look good, but can be easily damaged claws pets that pulling loops can completely spoil the pattern.
flooring bedrooms note the carpeting with anti-static properties.Well serve this purpose carpet with a long nap and a low density.Since cover bedroom not as intense resistance to stomping for it and you can buy a plush carpet type.The ends of the villi of the carpet are made by cutting the twisted yarns.To fluff, fluff make it the surface is completely smooth.When walking a feeling of tenderness and comfort due utopaniya foot high pile.The cost of such a carpet depends on the density of the pile.The denser the villi are located, the higher the price.
The child choose a carpet covering with good stain-resistant properties.It must be easy to clean and have an antistatic effect.Also pay attention to the fact that it should be quite pleasant when in contact delicate baby skin.Not bad for this purpose boucle suits, which have anti-static fibers.Also, children are very attracted to bright pictures that are on these carpets.
In areas which are subject to strict sanitary requirements - closets, kitchens and bathrooms, carpets have not recommended.