you need
  • - piece of fabric
  • - ribbons for laces
cutting need to do some measurements: - from the waist from the belly towards the neckmeasure the distance to be long (or rather high) of the chest and apron;
- Measure the circumference of your hips (measurements should be carried out on the most protruding part of the buttocks).Divide the result by two.It will be putting the hips;
- from the waist down, measure the length of the preferred product - it will be the length of the main body of the apron
to sew an apron and need - a piece of cloth the following dimensions: its length is equal to the sum of the lengths of the chest and apron, and the main part of the apron a width equal to putting the hips;
- tapes for drawstrings at the waist
and neck (just two meters braid).
cutting to fold a piece of fabric in half.Let fold line lies to the right and the cut edge - to the left of you.Fold - the middle of the vertical line and apron.
From the top of the fold line (the upper right corner of the folded fabric) towards the upper left corner to defer up to 10 cm. A point of note - this is an extreme point of the upper longitudinal line of the future apron well.The lower longitudinal edge of the fabric will be cut lower edge (hem) of the product.
from the top left down the length of the chest aside part apron well.Note point B. Connect points A and B lines.Cut a triangle (there will be two).Harvesting apron and ready.
Fold the edges of the product and Stitch on the sewing machine.By the end of the chest in the corner sew two braids to regulate drawstrings at the neck and the side corners - pieces of tape to secure apron and on the waist line.
Which fabric to sew apron and whether to add to his pocket (the folded edges and stitched at the level of the belly box), as well as decorations in the form of sewn or decal - it's the most skilled workers, focusing on theyour taste.