carefully study the label

choosing inexpensive linens, carefully study the information on the label.If there is no information about the manufacturer, then buy this kit is not necessary.Most likely, the linen is made on the underground factory of cheap materials, and after the first washing will become worthless.

also on the label must indicate the amount pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers included in the kit.Carefully read this information, because if you buy a set, the dimensions of which are not suitable to your bedding, you just throw your money away.

The label must indicate what material is made set of clothes.Of course, the ideal solution - 100% cotton.However, natural linen to buy cheap very difficult.Most often
expensive underwear made from a material such as polycotton.The structure of this material consists of polyester and cotton.The presence of polyester makes the fabric less, but look like clothes from polikottona may very presentable and the dyes used in its production, are often sufficiently resistant.The main thing is that the content of cotton cloth was no less than the 35%.

What else you need to pay attention

Pay special attention to the smell of a set of underwear.New bedding has a light pleasant scent of new textiles.If you feel a sharp smell of chemicals, give up the purchase of this product.Poor-quality linen, processed with harmful chemical dyes, can cause severe allergic reactions.

color bed linen is also of great importance in the selection.It is not necessary to purchase items that are flashy "acid" colors.Usually such things fade after the first wash, and as such "toxic" dyes is doubt.

sure to look at the joints of the product.Qualitative underwear can not have joints with protruding curves in all directions thread, even if it falls into the category of low-cost.

Acquire underwear in specialized stores

To purchase truly high-quality set of clothes, do not buy it on the natural markets or underpasses.High-quality and thus expensive linens can be purchased only those sellers who have all the necessary documents for the goods, so if you are in doubt about whether the goods soundly, do not hesitate to ask the seller a certificate on bed linen.