Carpeted Floor increasingly used in residential areas, displacing traditional carpet.This material has no "territorial" restrictions - they can hide an entire floor.Base

in carpet can be a single layer or bilayer.Base with one layer made of a synthetic nature interweaving fabric with fiber cloth.All fibers are fixed at the bottom of latex.In a two-layer coating wrong side closed duplicate layer.

Carpeted Floor is divided by type of manufacturing:
- woven carpet.The pile is formed way weave yarn solid color or a color yarn with fixing units based;
- tufted carpet.In the manufacture of this type of coating is determined loop length using a needle.Further, all the loops are
cut and bonded to the back side of the latex;
- carpet needle.Worth created by multiple piercing needles base hook.The fiber is pulled hooks and intertwined;
- flocked carpet.Trehmillimetrovy pile secured to the PVC substrate using an electric field.

There korotkovorsisty, srednevorsovy, vysokovorsisty carpet.The pattern on the carpet turns out not only with the dye, but also in using different pile layering.

material for the carpet.
Carpeted Floor made with the use of natural as well as synthetic fibers.Appreciates the woolen carpet, becauseWool absorbs moisture and is dry to the touch, it does not melt when in contact with fire.Less wool - it is highly electrified, exposed to mold.Natural carpet produced as jute, flax, silk, cotton and coconut.

Synthetic fibers are inexpensive, they are not trampled, more flexible and easier to paint.In addition, artificial carpeting is not as visible dirt.

Application carpet.
to cover the floor in the living room, well take a tufted pile coating circumcised.For the floor in the kitchen suitable needle punched cover with colorful ornaments.The children's room is recommended to lay a wool coat.The hall lay needle-coating with water-repellent treatment.To use the loggias woven from coconut or sisal carpet.

Care carpeted.
Dirt should be removed immediately after the occurrence.Once every six months is recommended to dry.You can also clean the home with stain removers, ammonia, or special solvent.