you need
  • curtain fabrics
  • Tailor meter and pencil
  • Scissors
  • Threads and sewing machine
  • belt with loops (material woven loops, a set of eyelets)
Think about the future appearance of the window, "clothing" to the last detail.The correct choice of colors and textures of fabrics, its harmonious blend with the overall interior room - it starts with the creation of the curtains.Just buy everything you need - from the basic material to the decorative fittings and thread.
Buy fabric for curtains, taking into account the location of the window, then your curtains will be a long time to please the eye.
• Look at the big otrez matter in natural light.
• The density of material is selected depending on the brightness of the room.For example, for a sunny bedroom window instead tyuley and voila, you can choose a dense translucent fabric.
• Note that the sun silk, bright lining material and other fragile fabric will quickly fade.
• The windows on the north and east decorate curtains soft pastel shades and window openings to the south and west of the "dressing" in a "cold" color blind.
Measure the required length and width of the fabric for curtains.This will depend on the size of the window opening and your ideas.Typically, a style of the future curtains chosen three basic sizes: up to the window sill;below it at 10-15 centimeters;almost to the floor.Determine the length of the cut, add to it by 4 centimeters above and below - to bend the edges and treat curtains.
Lay on the floor of curtain fabrics wrong side down.The lower cut line do exactly perpendicular to the edge.In the second part the curtains, carefully check the pattern match and make a similar pattern curtains in the mirror.
Fold the lower edge of both paintings and treat them on the sewing machine.Top sew a special braid with eyelets for attaching curtains for curtains.If you have a round cornice can make holes in the curtains, eyelets or cloth loop (with buttons or ties).