most common types of curtains today is the classic fabric, Roman and roller.Depending on the type they are hung in various ways.When rigging the classic fabric curtains on the balcony necessarily decide their height.The most classic version - a cornice located above the glazed frame 10-15 cm, permitting the height of the balcony.With a low ceiling, mount the cornice at an equal distance between the ceiling and the frame.
for hanging a classic fabric curtains on the ledge, use plastic hooks that usually go on sale with a cornice.It is also possible to maintain the use of curtains homemade hinges that are fixed to the back of the buttons.Or, use a ring-eyelets, sewn into the fabric.
For fabric blinds if they are hanging
on the balcony, care is difficult.They look impressive, but are quickly spoiled.So give preference here tulle, chiffon or calico with dark shades.
Under Roman blinds cornice above the frame gazebo install depending on their height.By ledge Roman blinds are attached staple gun.If that is not an option, do not attach the curtain on the ledge, and right on stretchers glass balconies.In this case, you need to select the size of the Roman curtains perfectly to the size of each part of the glass.In contrast to the blinds, Roman when pulling them up to form large flat folds.
very easy to care for and easy to install anywhere in the blinds.For balcony blinds godsend.Attach them as on the upper frame glazed surface and above it, on the basis of concrete balconies fired pins.
roller blinds are mounted on the surface as well as the blinds.The curtains are attached to the top of the ledge or plate.Side mounted spring structure, for which the curtain can be spun into a roll or spin the entire length.