Most modern upholstery fabrics are composed of a significant portion of synthetic fibers.Man-made fibers do not cause allergies and can withstand harsh environments.The obvious drawback of synthetics is its ability to electrify.However, with proper use and care of static electricity is removed naturally.Enough ventilate the room in a timely manner to maintain optimum humidity and occasionally wipe the surface of the furniture slightly damp cloth.
choosing a furniture fabric, pay attention to its composition.There are several types of fibers, widely used in the production of modern fabrics.One of the most common is a polyester.Fabrics containing the fiber, lightweight, durable, quick-drying.They keep their
shape and do not require special care.Polyester freely mimics the texture of natural fiber, is used to create smooth and velvet fabrics, as well as the foundations of a flock.
Such synthetic fiber such as nylon, elastic, durable, resistant to flexing and abrasion.This fiber is similar in quality polyester, but is more often used in the manufacture of cloth.
products containing viscose, have excellent heat-shielding characteristics, readily absorb moisture and breathable.Thanks viscose material becomes smooth, soft and silky.Disadvantages viskozosoderzhaschih fabrics are their light creasing, loss of wet strength and increased abrasion resistance.
Acrylic appearance and a number of properties resembles wool.It is resistant to organic solvents, acids, alkalis and light.Most often used in the production of acrylic shinillov.
of natural fibers in the production of furniture fabrics used cotton and linen.Cotton has antistatic properties, but the fabric with its contents quickly lose color, easy to wrinkle and wear out quickly.Furthermore, a material with a high cotton content may shrink.Linen different hygroscopic and good breathability.The disadvantage of the material is its high cost and increased creasing.
Furniture fabric can be of different types.Flock is a synthetic substitute for velvet.It is made by spraying fibers onto the surface of the material.The wear resistance, strength and softness of the tissue is achieved by applying a different impregnations.The material can not only expose the dry cleaning, but also washed out and wash by hand.For the best quality species flock manufacturer permits even machine washable.
Reliable and durable jacquard 50% consists of a synthetic, 50% - cotton.This fabric is made on a special machine.Due to the complicated weaving of threads allowed in the machine at different angles and in different directions, the fabric becomes unique patterns.
Shinill made of silky yarn that consists of synthetic and natural fibers.In appearance resembles this fabric velor, in contrast to what can be produced in a wide range of colors.Worth shinilla tease on a special machine, which gives it an attractive appearance and comfortable wear.
In the manufacture of tapestry is also used synthetic and natural fibers.This matter has high strength and rich pattern.Durable tapestry be machine washed.