more expensive rugs are made of durable cardboard that have the strength and elasticity.By the synthetic base with a mixture of kaolin clay and latex glued loop pile.However, unscrupulous manufacturers sometimes replaced conventional chalk kaolin clay, resulting coating is brittle.To check the quality of the product, it is necessary to bend the corner of Palace - the glue with the addition of chalk osypletsya fine crumbs.

cost of carpet on a knitted basis even higher.They are flexible, durable and can last up to 10 years.Lush pile of such coatings is afraid of water, so it is a dry

cleaning service.

highest quality, but expensive, are carpets of wool and wool mixture.The service life of about 50 years.They may have a pale color, than synthetic products, but fade considerably less.

How to choose the right rug for every room

  • If you want to zone a large room, you should pick up a few small rugs.

  • To visually enlarge the room, choose a bright carpet with a diagonal pattern.

  • to choose the right rug for the living room, pay attention to the length of the pile.Prefer coatings with low pile, which are more resistant to abrasion.In the living room or child will be appropriate bright carpet.

  • bedrooms are well suited for carpets made of wool with a long nap.They suppress the noise and make the room more comfortable.Color choose soft, better light.

  • good option for the hall will become artificial carpets, rubber-based.Such coatings are resistant to abrasion.

  • Choosing a bath mat, keep in mind that it should not slip.You come synthetic, cotton quilts and rugs with foam-base.

  • for original interior with lots of detail is better to choose plain coating, which will not engage the attention.

  • for darkroom desirable to choose carpeting and warm colors.Conversely, if the room is well lit, it is better to use cold colors.