Hard pelmet

This type was created by Thomas Chippendale for a long time, and in its original form was made entirely of wood.For the manufacture of hard wood swags used to this day, but these products are not as popular as they used to, and used, as a rule, in English or Russian-style interior design.

Now pelmet used in the manufacture of a solid type of non-woven fabric, which is called "bandit".It gives the opportunity to receive a much larger number of different colors and shades.Quite popular this type of pelmet when used in conjunction with blinds.Therefore, the use in offices that interior decor is very popular.If the product is supplemented with embroidery or the original trim, then we can achieve the effect of solemnity and even pomposity.

Hard pelmet, due to its structure, can
take many forms - from simple rectangles to the shapes of various animals.Therefore, it can be applied to almost any interior.

Soft pelmet

Usually soft pelmets made of several piece of cloth, so well interacting with each other, which gives the impression of a whole.The different variations of this type of swags found elements such as bibs, all kinds perekidy, ties and more.

designers creating this type of pelmet should to pay special attention to the texture of fabrics and colors.You can play as a combination of textures and colors and contrasts.Pelmet can be used as a decorative element, as well as to mask old or not completely successful cornice.In addition, well-chosen shape and size of the pelmet, you can visually change the dimensions of the window.

Complex and simple pelmets

pelmets simple - it's just a strip of fabric with lace threaded through it.Fabric pelmet can be self-colored or with a variety of patterns.Even despite the seeming simplicity of such a product, it can be quite stylish decor element.

Complex pelmets are of the most diverse types of tissue, and this tissue can vary in color and texture.Products of this type are often draped, otstrachivayutsya contrasting inlay, or have a weave of fabric contrasting shades.