you need
  • - ice;
  • - freezer;
  • - a plastic bag;
  • - spray freezing injured sites;
  • - chew chewing gum;
  • - scraper;
  • - gasoline;
  • - solvent;
  • - white spirit;
  • - alcohol.
most popular method of removing chewing gum from any type of tissue - it's freezing.If the thing is small and placed in the freezer, it will do so.Put the product in a plastic bag, bag - in camera.A few hours later, remove the product and quickly knead polluted place in the hands.Frozen chewing gum is easy to remove by colorization.
For bulk items, such as Palacio, this method is not suitable.Therefore, freeze in the freezer a few ice cubes, place
them in a plastic bag, attach the cud, hold 10-15 minutes, scrape the frozen gum with a plastic scraper.
Another equally well-known method of removing chewing gum stuck - the removal of tissue from other chew gum stuck chewing gum.Just a few times to cleave soft eraser to the place from which you remove gum stuck.
high temperature to remove chewing gum should be avoided, as the gum can penetrate deeper into the fabric and you'll need to remove it from the surface of the product is not, but inside that cause to resort to more drastic measures.If you have already used the iron to remove chewing gum, then soak the stain formed solvent, mineral spirits or benzine, leave for 20 minutes and wash the product.If an item can not be washed, then wipe the place dirt rubbing alcohol on multiple occasions.
at sporting goods stores sold spray deep freeze damaged or bruised areas to quickly relieve pain and did not experience the shock.You can buy a can of means, applied to the chewing gum stuck and remove it with a scraper.The method is very fast and efficient, as it does not need to freeze the ice or put a thing in the freezer.