you need
  • curtains and cornice
  • tapes with loops
  • Eyelets
  • Tape and punch for eyelets
  • hinges matter
  • Buttons
  • Hooks
  • metal strings
Sew from the inside finished curtains special tape with loops for attaching to a standard curtain.These ribbons are sold in fabric stores and accessories in the studio for the curtains.This is - a universal way to attach curtains any texture and appearance.By itself, it does not bear decorative function, but easy to use.Feeds allow you to create a loop on any window draperies.
Do top curtains round holes framed eyelets - rings made of different materials.To do this, buy a set: eyelets, lyuversnuyu-fusible tape and a special de
vice-punch.Choose the material for the eyelets on your taste.You can make them less noticeable, the color of curtains and cornices.If you want to focus on the grommet, use curly, brass, non-ferrous and other decorative trim.
Do eyelets on the curtains in the following sequence:
• Reinforce top curtains from the inside tape eyelets.Since it would be better to hold the ring and the shutter will be draped more aesthetically pleasing.
• Calculate the required number of holes in the curtain and do their punch.Put the two halves of the eyelets on both sides.Small mouse - and ring set.
Use instead of eyelets fabric loops on the buttoned.For them, sew beautiful strips of suitable size of the main curtain fabrics or pick up stuff to taste - for example, with vertical stripes.Such loops are very attractive, especially on the curtains without folds.To better woven loop slid over the ledge and longer serve, stick to their inside of the plastic bumpers (they can also be purchased at fabric stores).
Sew for hanging curtains to the eaves loops round-straps.They are best made into a beautiful bow.Slide on the curtains, they are not very good.But look bows are very nice, especially in the children's room or in the bedroom of a young girl.
You can hang curtains with special metal hooks.When used cornice you do not need.Attach the hooks on the ceiling and carefully strung to them curtains of light delicate material.Such a way to attach curtains allows you to design the interior in a modern avant-garde style.
Pull over the window opening metal strings.It is possible to attach hooks curtains, fixtures from the old cornice or ordinary paper clips.As an economy version (for the cottages, shelters, etc.), you can use an improvised "ledge" of the very taut fishing line.