Instructions for creating curtains of filaments

Consider the final design - what do you see as a result of its curtains.Consider the color, thickness, quality of the yarns used, etc.Consider where you will use them - whether it's curtains separating the kitchen from the room, or a variant of interior.
In addition, it is necessary to think and pattern on the curtains, if you plan to create itself.

Take care to acquire all the necessary elements.The list includes:
- yarn of different colors and textures;
- base tape to which you will mount and thread;
- sequins, beads and other decorations;
- ledge.

correctly calculate the length of the product and the number of strands used.To do this, experts recommend the use of fairly simple formula.The
initial data, you will need the length of the cornice and the height from floor to ceiling.The calculation is carried out according to the type of thread and the distance at which they are located from each other (ie, whether the curtains tight and almost transparent).

So, if a thread thin, optimally between them to leave a distance of 2-5 mm.Count the number of skeins of yarn can be defined as: the length of the cornice divided by the distance between the threads (all in cm).So you get the number of threads that will be required to process the entire length of the eaves.Next, you need to multiply the resulting number by the length of the opening from floor to ceiling.You will get the figure in centimeters.Put it in the subway, you will see footage of the skein of thread, and you can define the desired number of coils.
If you overdid it with the length of the filaments, do not panic and worry.Suffice carefully cut the excess with scissors and attach the curtains from below.

options as possible to make filament curtains with his hands somewhat.One of them involves the use of the reinforcing tape.For the manufacture of such drapes need to cut threads into segments and superimpose them onto the substrate.It remains to twist their loops in two rows.

Another option is as follows.Cut the yarn into pieces and and fasten them to the rings for curtains.I will only wear rings on the cornice and can zashtorivat opening.

You can also use a wooden bar with prepared holes.Place them cut and fasten thread.

How can diversify the filament curtain

Threadlike curtains can be done and very original.If you examine the photos that are placed on the Internet designers, we can see that very often used to decorate the beads, crystals, etc.In some cases, if you place the thread close to each other, and even to use lengths of cloth and shiny, easy to create the illusion that you have used to decorate the thin long scarves.