Tip 1: How to fix pelmet

Pelmet - a decorative curtain, which hung over the curtains and window decoration gives a finished look.Also, additional decor to hide the main cornice and visually increase or balance the window.There are several ways to fix pelmet to draperies are not deformed and do not sag.
you need
  • - pelmet;
  • - ceiling cornices;
  • - adhesive tape (Velcro);
  • - Curtain tape (tape).
Purchase ceiling cornice required size.It can be direct or with rounded edges, a length of the entire wall, or only the width of the window.Make marks on the ceiling, drill holes, insert the dowels.Attach to the ceiling cornice and tighten the screws.
Use mount hard pelmet with adhesive tape.Cut the Velcro (Velcro) desired length previously measured upper bound pelmet.The sticky part of the glue to the outer edge of the ceiling cornice with glue.
soft part neatly sew Velcro to the underside of the pelmet.In order not to spoil the appearance of the product, use blindhem or instead take a thin thread
fishing line.Secure the pelmet to the eaves, connecting both sides of the tape.
If the ceiling cornice is equipped with a nice baguette, you do not want to hide, sew Velcro to the soft part of the front of the pelmet.Sticky tape detail in this case stick to the wrong side of the baguette.Connect both sides of velcro and secure pelmet.
Apply mount soft pelmet using tape.Attach the front side ceiling cornice plastic hooks.Sew Curtains for swags tape.Hang hooks pelmet and straighten it.To decorative element does not hang loose, place the hooks as close as possible to each other.
If your window drapes hanging on the tube and forged ledge, and you want to further decorate them lambrequins, get special additional mount.Mount the cornice for lambrequin from flex profile to the ceiling, in the arch or bay front of the main cornice.Fix it hard or soft pelmet using Velcro or tape.
Rocker pelmet secure with hooks on the tubular ledge.The free ends of perekin'te over the crossbar and drape the fabric randomly.

Tip 2: How to fix pelmet

great popularity currently enjoyed curtains with lambrequins .Pelmet curtains gives a finished look, thereby transforming the interior of the premises.Select it - it's only half the battle.You need to know how to make installation.
How to fix pelmet
Anyone can attach the pelmet to the eaves.For a start must be clearly defined priorities.Hard pelmet can be attached to a flat surface.Note tubular and wrought-iron cornice for it is not fit.However, exceptions are sometimes made.If pelmet is small, it can be hung on the pipe.If he has a lot of weight, then roll cornice is unlikely to survive.The main reason lies in the way of fixing the eaves.The tubular and wrought-iron cornice normally fixed for two or three arms.It depends on the length of the eaves.
Sometimes people even long ledge fastened to two brackets.The reason lies in appearance.The bracket, which is in the middle, sometimes not satisfied home owners.Make it certainly is possible, but the risk of falling is quite large.The third arm come up with a reason.It produces an additional fixation of the cornice.If he is absent, the cornice can quickly bend under the weight of the curtains or even break.The first thing to think about their safety.
Hard pelmet can also be mounted on the ceiling cornice.Such a cornice pretty strong attachment to the same, is it exactly.If you attach a pelmet on top of the ledge, then he will be invisible pelmet.In this case, it will create the illusion that blinds start right from the ceiling.
Attach Hard pelmet to the eaves in two ways: lace and Velcro.It is best to use Velcro.In this case, it will hang straight and never slack.If you use a braid, then chances are sagging, especially if the pelmet is heavy.If you are using Velcro (hook and loop), the soft part of the need to sew directly on the pelmet, and tough, which has an adhesive base to be glued onto the ledge.We must do this work very carefully.Velcro is quite difficult to tear if a mistake was made.
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