you need
  • - a mild detergent;
  • - water;
  • - Brush;
  • - towel.
Hides sheepskin recommended to wash when dirty or once a month, but not more.Wash hands can be like, and a washing machine.While hand washing, use a special mild liquid detergent.Fill the basin with warm water, add detergent, and lower sheepskin .Wash should be pretty neat.Rinse product with warm water.In no case do not use detergents and enzymes, alkalis and bleaches.
If you decide to wash sheepskin in the washing machine, select a special mode "Wool".Make sure the water temperature does not exceed 38 degrees.For the washing machine and use
a mild detergent suitable for washing in the machine.Do not use detergents, otherwise you can only spoil the skin.
After washing can dry sheepskin usual way.To do this, spread a towel on a flat surface and put it up fur product.During the dry sheepskin drag it several times to the original size and shake a couple of times.In no case do not need to put the skin to the battery to dry or use a hair dryer.Sheepskin can not iron, bleach and exposed to direct sunlight.
After the skin is dry, it must comb a special brush for animals.Store Products made of sheepskin preferably in a dry, dark and ventilated place.Do not pack it in plastic, so skin will not breathe and it can cause condensation, which can only spoil the product.
to return to its former white sheepskin, you can use potato flour.Sprinkle once white fur potato flour and sprinkle liberally from a spray with a weak solution of soap powder and economic.Spread the dough-like mass of arms across the skin, and after it is dry, clean off with a brush.Dry and lightly tap out the thing, then carefully comb and give the hair the right direction.