you need
  • - Warm water and detergent
  • - Solvent for stationery stroke
  • - White alcohol (ethyl alcohol, vodka or ammonia)
  • - Cotton Buds
  • - a clean cloth
  • -Mel
  • - Gasoline (or stain remover for oil paint)
not wash stained product is not yet find out the composition of the correction fluid.It may be an alcohol-based, various oils, water, or a mixture of water and alcohol.To display corrector water-based, it is enough to scrape the frozen stain with a cloth (be careful not to damage the thing) and wash the item in warm water with detergent.If the basis of the stroke is different, after the prematu
re washing will remove the stain much more difficult.
Buy a special solvent for stationery stroke.It is desirable that it was the same brand and designed for a particular model of a pencil or a correction to the bubble corrector th.Apply the product on the stain and wash the thing in warm soapy water.
Print corrector alcohol-based, you can use vodka, medical or uyat-alcohol.You can also use ammonia - it works gently and almost does not spoil the fabric (of course, if it is not particularly sensitive fibers).Clean only need to test the tools on an inconspicuous area of ​​clothing.If the fabric is resistant, having spread from the inside dirt clean cloth.Start gently cleaned corrector cotton swab, soaking it in alcohol-containing liquid.Move from the center of the spot to the edges.To avoid white halo on clothes, sprinkle dirt around the perimeter of crushed chalk.
removes stains from corrector and, based includes any oil, refined gasoline is recommended.Proceed the same way as when cleaning the product with alcohol.Take the time to go to the store household chemicals and to consult the seller: coping with such pollution can help you also special stain removers for cleaning oil paint.