you need
  • - powder;
  • - dishwashing liquid;
  • - stain remover;
  • - bleach;
  • - alcohol.
Apply stain dishwashing detergent that removes grease well.After some time, wash the item in the washing machine at a temperature of 40-60 degrees - it depends on the type of fabric.If you mess clothes shoe polish and immediately began to remove it, you all should have.
When the dirt is removed, apply it any stain remover.This can be both liquid gel or special powder.But the agent must comply with this type of fabric and damage the color, if you do not want to get white instead of black spots.After pretreatment wash the thing in a familiar way.
With white goods to wash the stain from shoe polish can be using oxygen bleach.Put it a little bit more than that specified in the annotation to the comp
artment for pre-wash, and add a dose of powder with optical brighteners.Turn on the program, the water temperature should be 60 degrees.Do not forget to pour the air conditioner in a special compartment to rinse the material softened, otherwise it will be difficult to iron.If the shoe polish not be removed from the first time - do not worry, repeat the procedure from the beginning.
with leather shoe polish to remove things in the usual alcohol or vodka.If the color is ingrained in the fabric, soak a cotton ball and apply it to the spot on 10 minutes.In the end, wipe with a damp cloth, but when the moisture has evaporated, apply a water-repellent cream or treat skin a special spray.
Take item to the dry cleaners, if you are afraid to spoil it as a result of home experiments.Businesses remove stains from shoe polish with the help of modern and secure funds for the material.