Tulle is a lightweight, mesh and transparent fabric with patterns.It can be made of silk, rayon, cotton or polyester.Tulle is recommended to wash frequently, at least once per season to avoid gray shades.Before washing the curtains soak in warm soapy water for a few hours.A bucket of water should add a tablespoon of washing powder or soda ash.Change the solution several times, it all depends on the degree of contamination of tulle.
After soaking proceed to the immediate washing.To do this, pour water into the basin, whose temperature should be 40-50 degrees and add detergent.Lightly squeeze the curtains during the wash his hands several times and raise and lower it back into the bowl.In no case do not
rub against each other, because this spoils the look of the curtains and the deformation.Rinse them twice, first with warm water, then cold.It is not necessary to expose the tissue and twisting Wrestling - so you damage tulle.
After washing tulle hang on ledges in the expanded wet after drying they are flat and smooth, so pressing in this case is optional.But if there are creases on tulle and jammed the place, then you can pat with the help of a cotton fabric.Wrap in her curtains and iron in iron still wet.Iron temperature should not exceed 120 degrees, a higher temperature may cause yellowing of synthetic fibers which is almost impossible to whiten.
If synthetic curtains acquired a yellow or gray color, do not throw them at once, in which case there is a way - dye them in a gentle tone.This can be done at home using special dyes for fabrics, perfectly suited pink, green or blue tones.
When washing tulle, add a couple tablespoons of salt, it will help to quickly deal with yellowness and dirt.