you need
  • - incense;
  • - oil burner with essential oils (preferably with a citrus flavor);
  • - vinegar;
  • - coffee beans;
  • - spray for clothing;
  • - lemon.
If you do not want to wash clothes soaked in cigarette smoke, you can use the following method.Hang clothes on a hanger in the bathroom and put next to a lighted stick of incense, light aroma lamp with essential oils or any other freshener.A few hours later, the smell of smoke should disappear.Instead of incense, you can use ordinary vinegar to dissolve this four tablespoons of vinegar in a basin of hot water and leave it in the bathroom, close the door.This is one of the most
effective ways to get rid of things from unpleasant odors without washing.
There are such things as fur and sheepskin, which is not recommended to wash.But in this case, you can get rid of the thing smell of cigarette smoke .Suffice it to hang the garment on a hanger and put into vinyl bag designed for clothes.In the bottom of the bag, place the open jar of coffee beans (or ground) and secure it.The aroma of coffee impregnate thing at the same time do not forget to stir the coffee every day.Repeat these steps as long as the smell of smoke not go away.Instead of coffee can use peppermint, which is available in filter bags.
sale is a huge selection of specialty sprays designed for clothes, they will help to cope with the smell of tobacco smoke .Such a spray you can buy in a store household chemicals.Spray clothing and spray your clothes will emit a pleasant floral aroma.
Pour into a bowl cold water, squeeze in the juice of two lemons.Dip in lemon water clothes and leave for several hours.It remains only to rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.
Load items into the washing machine and instead pour the powder into the compartment half cup of vinegar and half cup of borax.Before the rinsing cycle, pour in the Department of softener softener dryer with the effect of aromatherapy (Lenore).Dry clothes in the fresh air - outdoors or on the balcony.