Installing blinds does not take much time, but the need to comply with certain details and to take into account some of the nuances.Installation you can in three ways: on each sash windows one by one into the window opening, vnakladku.Embodiments depend on the specific design and window openings.
Horizontal, vertical and roller blinds have a common circuit mount.Please make measurements depending on the selected method.To installed in the window opening blinds do not touch the sides of the window sill and the opening on each side, turn down when measuring 2 cm. When installing vnakladku add 5 cm from each side.
When installing shutters on the window sash will be the basis of the exact dimensions of the leaf.Then mark the fastening, respecting th
e principle of symmetry.Attach the brackets to the marked plane, snap the cornice.Make sure that the mounted attachment will not interfere with the operation of the gate and rotary mechanisms windows.From the regulatory cord set one additional fixation.All fasteners fix on the wall or ceiling using dowels and screws.
After installing fixtures hang the curtain rod, attach it to the slats and sliders.To do this, connect the lower weights to the inside and outside.Check the operation of the control mechanism of the blinds.
On plastic window blinds is much more difficult to establish.It requires special accuracy and precision, as well as the skills to work with the tools.Therefore, this work is best left to professionals.