Tip 1: How to remove stains from zelenki

Zelenka is widely used as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent for the treatment of wounds, cuts, abrasions, etc.If you are using may be inadvertently put a stain on the fabric, upholstered furniture, floor.To get rid of stains zelenki , you can use different tools.
fresh stains on the green fodder in the fabric upholstered furniture, to clothes, try to handle a cotton swab moistened with hydrogen peroxide or a 10% solution of ammonia.To use these funds, heavily soak a cotton pad, treat the stain until it lightly moisturizing wash the fabric in the washing machine with bleaching powder.Upholstered furniture clean with a sponge and soapy water or any carpet cleaner.
How to remove stains from zelenki
If the stain is old, put on a sunflower or olive oil, leave the product on for 3-4 hours, deal with dishwashing detergent, wash after 12 hours the product in the usual way.
How to remove stains from zelenki
To remove stains of green fodder to the furniture, the floor, plastic, soak a cotton ball in any alcohol-containing means, vodka, cologne, a
lcohol, put on the spot after 10 minutes, treat again with a stiff sponge soakedin the same vehicle.
How to remove stains from zelenki
can also use acetone, thinner, nail polish remover, white spirit.But not all the surfaces available with aggressive solvents.So first use the above products in an inconspicuous place, and only after you make sure that the surface is not spoiled, can remove stains in the right place.
How to remove stains from zelenki
Zelenka with a white cotton cloth can be derived using bleach.Wash the product put for 15 minutes in bleach and wash again using bleaching powder.From the first spot can still be noticeable, but after a few washes it is completely gone.
How to remove stains from zelenki
You can use stain removers known manufacturers for colored fabrics.Read the instructions on the package, apply the stain from the brilliant green, wait a specified time and wash the product.
How to remove stains from zelenki
green stuff stains on fabrics can try to remove with the help of vinegar.Apply a 7% vinegar on the stain, let it fully dissolve it, wash the product in the usual way.
How to remove stains from zelenki
not have to perform extra work to remove stains, use caution when using the green stuff.Open a bottle of newspaper, put the old things that do not mind a spot to land.
How to remove stains from zelenki

Tip 2: How to remove stains zelenki

Zelenka - a popular antiseptic.However, when you use frequent random spots on clothes and surroundings.To remove stains zelenki , use one of the following methods, and you effortlessly return the favorite things the original appearance.
Little effort - and from the green stuff there will be no trace
To remove stains zelenki on the fabric, use a stain remover available on the open market.These synthetic agents have a broad spectrum of action and can help you in the fight against a majority of problem spots.The packaging of any stain remover you will find detailed instructions on how to use it.
smooth, flat surface (linoleum, leather), wipe with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, acetone or nail polish remover.Clear spots zelenki on polished furniture will help ordinary eraser.Before you use it with a cloth, remove any excess liquid from the surface.
If zelenkoj stained carpet, upholstered furniture, apply a stain solution of 10% ammonia.This method is suitable for the removal of green fodder with wooden panels.
Cotton clothes soak in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.With some fabrics spots zelenki can be removed by repeated washings with ordinary detergent.
Apply to the stain and pour soda with a weak solution of vinegar.A chemical reaction took place to make a spot zelenki disappear.
Dissolve small quantity of starch with water, apply the resulting slurry on the stain and let it sit for a couple of hours.Then wash as usual.
not use baking soda and vinegar on fabrics with a pattern.
when working with acetone, use rubber gloves to protect your hands.
Helpful Hint
The earlier you begin to remove the stains of green fodder, the faster and more efficient to deal with them.Entrenched spot derive more complicated.
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