you need
  • Curtains, eyelets, special lyuversnaya ribbon (finished strip hotmelt material) matching colored thread, pencil, tape measure, a punch (specially adapted for cutting holes for eyelets) or a hammer, small sharp scissors, iron
Pick suitable eyelets in stores or departments of products for needlework.Eyelets may be metal or plastic, round or shaped, with different diameter inner hole.Choose eyelets hole diameter greater than the diameter of the bar cornice about half a centimeter, the curtain is easy to move on it.
Make the necessary measurements.When calculating the number of eyelets in mind that the number of them on the curtain must be even, while the both side edges of the curtains are directed towards th
e window and not to the side of the room.To fold the curtains hung down, the distance between the centers of eyelets should be between 15 to 22 cm. The folds are obtained the larger, the greater the distance between the eyelets.From the edge of the curtains to the side of the first grommet is optimal distance of 5-7 cm.
Eyelets set on a completely ready-made curtains, so pre-treat all the edges.The top of the curtains of light fabric can be strengthened lyuversnoy tape from the inside.The upper edge on the underside of the hem then iron, width greater than the diameter of eyelets twice.
Mark the location of the eyelets.You need to iron the curtains and put on a flat surface.On the wrong side of the upper hem at a distance of 2.5 cm from the edge of the layout make strokes.Between them, mark the center of the height of the hem.The remaining space is divided into equal parts and make the layout the same way.
Cut holes for the eyelets.On the wrong side curtain put the punch on the first mark and hit with a hammer by 2-3 times.You can use the usual sharp scissors.In this case, an additional circle eyelets on the inner diameter in places markup.Large holes should not do it, otherwise the grommet will not hold.Try to keep the edge of the hole is not showered.
grommet consists of two parts - the shape (flat side) and press (convex part).Exactly half apply eyelets on both sides of the curtains, and then press down until it clicks.When installing plastic eyelets special equipment is required - they can be easily installed by hand.Besides, they may be removed during washing, and then put back.