you need
  • - frozen foods or ice;
  • - freezer;
  • - a plastic bag;
  • - spray;
  • - chew gum.
Proceed to remove adhered gum immediately after its discovery.Attach the bag with frozen food or a bag of ice to chewing gum, hold for 15-20 minutes and remove dirt mechanically by scraping or kneading hands.When chewing gum hardens and crumbles easily it can be removed without damage to the tissue.
Take jeans, put them in a plastic bag and place in the freezer for 20 minutes, then simply skovyrnite gum tissue or scrape it with a knife.
If the freezer is not near, then chew gum new album and try to use it to remove gum stuck.For this soft chew gum several times attempt to di
sengage from jeans stuck a piece.
Many use the inverse method and try to remove gum stuck not low and high temperatures, but the result may be opposite to the expected.Denim is fairly dense, and if a hot iron melt stuck chewing gum, it deeply penetrates into the fabric and you'll need to use the services of professional masters of dry cleaning or resort to aggressive solvents, such as gasoline, mineral spirits, acetone, liquid removervarnish or solvent.Their use is always a chance to get a white spot on his jeans.However, subject to the precautionary measures (through the iron c / b cloth or heavy paper) is still permissible to apply the method of heating.
And the last - very efficient, fast and safe way to release jeans stuck chewing gum.Buy spray intended for freezing bruised and scarred skin.Buy it, you can in a pharmacy or in a store that sells products for athletes.The method of use is incredibly simple and reliable.Apply liberally spray stuck chewing gum and remove it by mechanical means.Wait, when the facility will work, it is not necessary, since it has immediate effect, that is, to remove chewing gum from the jeans you can in a matter of seconds.