most perfect - of course, dry.There cope with stains in most cases, but the high cost, chemicals, waste of time, too, play an important role.So try to clean their own clothes.
Remember that fresh spot much easier to remove than stuffy.So try to do all manipulations to remove immediately.
pollution should be treated from the edge to the center, and not vice versa.Otherwise you will have a halo around the spot.In no case do not need to rub the fabric, simply soak the material.
check in advance on an inconspicuous area or scrap of spare trousers from the means employed.This will avoid damage to clothing in case a part of stain remover are potent substances.
In most cases trousers appear grease stains from milk, oil, blood, meat, fish.They must be immediately sprinkle with salt and rub lightly.Repeat this several times, changing the salt.You can make a paste of salt and a small amount of water, you also deal spot , wait for the complete drying and so repeated several times.Copes with grease stains talc and chalk.
Another way to get rid of grease stains.For him, we need sugar, dark soap and hot water.Soak the stain in hot water, soap, sprinkle sugar on top and leave for 15 minutes.Then wash the item in the usual way.If stain persists, try again.
Regular salt can do wonders with spot meters from the wine.Sprinkle with fresh stain from red wine salt, leave for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water.If the pollution inveterate help citric acid.Wet your pants in its solution, and then wash.
grass stains can be good to wash with soap or detergent.But if that does not work, use ammonia, which must be wet spot , and then wash.Also, remove contaminated ammonia (can substitute vodka).
from ink stains can be removed using kerosene or turpentine.Wipe them spot , then blot with ammonia or baking soda.
From chewing gum to trousers can save ice.Frozen gum is easily removed, and the remaining stain wipe gasoline.
Very often trousers appear burns from an iron.Wipe the stain is hydrogen peroxide and iron until dry.Also sometimes burns wetted with a solution of boric acid and washed in the usual manner.Get rid of this trouble will also help the bulb - wipe it up half an onion and soak for several hours in cold water.