you need
  • - tissue removal patterns;
  • - upholstery fabric;
  • - edge;
  • - a strip of polyurethane tape;
  • - Material for tamping (if you want to make a softer pillow);
  • - zippers, one on each pillow;
  • - pins;
  • - scissors;
  • - thread.
Sew covers on soft furnishings easy, as long as measurements were taken correctly.Therefore, carefully remove them with a chair or sofa, considering the length and width of the back and side panels on the inside and the outside, the width and length of seat cushion, as well as the parameters of the pillows and the front of the sofa or chair.
Pay particular attention to the armrests, and consider how they will stir cases and where the seams will be located.
patterns in every detail, add up to 20 cm on all sides "in the reserve".
then vykroyte all the details.It is desirable to mark their numbers, so you do not get confused when sewing.Also vykroyte band whose width is equal to 7.5 cm. The length of the strips should be equal to the length of the top edge of a sofa or chair in order to secure her future case.
Proceed to sew.Initially, TAPE OR BIND small parts together, and then the details of the cover.We use strong thread of polyester, so that the seams are strong.
Kant use as a decorative element, for example, on the arm, on the edges of ruffles on the back.By the way, edging strengthens joints, so for the purpose of its use inside the cover.
Sew the zipper to place it in a chair should be in the seam at the back (back) in the couch - use rear seams.
Pristrachivaya lightning, use a special foot (in which the teeth are very close to the edge of the bend).To avoid many seams scribble along the groove along which stitched edging.
Check how well sewn zipper.To do this a couple of times to open and close it.
Put the cover on the sofa where the tape is sewn by pin lock cover on the sofa or chair, fasten all zippers.