you need
  • screwdriver, a set of wrenches, pliers, hammer, stapler construction, screwdriver, screws, PVA glue, sewing machine, scissors, chalk, cloth upholstery, thick cloth (calico), braid.
For simplicity, let us consider how to be remade sofa and type "book".First of all, sofa should be carefully dismantled.To do this, remove the armrests.Lift seat sofa and find a bolt, which is usually located a few centimeters from the corner.Perhaps you need a partner who will hold the seat in the raised position, otherwise you will be difficult to reach the place of fastening bolts.
Remove the lock that connects the back, seat and sides.First unscrew the lock from the side side-bar (frame).Back and seat lift up and turn in the unfolded state so that the interior was on the floor.Details (backrest, seat lock) it is des
irable to mark, to avoid confusion later during assembly a sofa.Unscrew the locks.
with a screwdriver and pair of pliers, remove the brackets that hold the old upholstery.Remove the covers.Check whether there was at fixing broken upholstery staples.If necessary, remove them or hammer subsequently to avoid injury.
removing the fabric, remove the old filling.You should only spring.Foam parts cut with a knife the size of the frame.Glue the finger joints carpenter's glue or glue PVA.There comes a stage of assembly.
In spring block stretch dense fabric, fixing it on the perimeter of the small nails or staple gun.Apply a cloth and foam parts glue and glue the foam to the fabric.Adhesive bonding will not move out under the foam rubber padding.
okleyte foam and armrests.You can stick to the lining of the foam padding polyester, they eliminate the occurrence of static electricity between the upholstery and the foam.
old cases chalk mark from the inside out, then thrust joints.Details of each fold cover in a separate pile.Prepared parts lay on the wrong side of a new upholstery fabric.Transfer the outline of the old with a new upholstery fabric.Cut out the details of the new upholstery and pre-made labels prostrochite them.
new cases put on the frame, focusing on the trail of staples on it.The corners should be set from the center stud details and alternately in both directions.First treat long, and then the short side parts.
When assembling sofa set and locks in the back according to the label you put at dismantling.Install locks on the sidewall.Install sidewall themselves according to their location.Check fasteners.Only you with your own hands have repaired sofa , turning it into a work of art.You're enjoying the fruits of their labor.