you need
  • - soap;
  • - soap "Antipyatin";
  • - white spirit;
  • - gasoline;
  • - kerosene;
  • - nail polish remover;
  • - solvent;
  • - acetone;
  • - sponge;
  • - denatured alcohol;
  • - glycerol;
  • - ammonia;
  • - «Vanish";
  • - oxalic acid.
Once you have found the spot from gouache, immediately soak the cloth densely soap soap or "Antipyatinom" thing rinse in clean water, wash, dry.If the stains on the cloth does not remove completely, then treat them solute, helps not only get rid of the colored pigment, but also completely remove the fat composition is added to the oil and gouache dissolve film from the adhesive.
For this fit acetone, mineral spirits, gasoline, kerosene, nail polish remover, a
solvent 646. drench sponge one of the means to thoroughly clean the place contaminations, leave the product on for 30 minutes, repeathandling, launder fabric in soap solution and then heat the washing machine.Such a method completely removes gouache, but is only suitable for resistant fabrics such as cotton, satin, jersey.
To remove the gouache with silk, velvet, velor, acetate, use a gentle solution of equal parts denatured, ammonia and glycerin.Apply the product on the sponge to thoroughly clean the place contaminations, leave for 30 minutes, wash basin in the product further by applying soap, and then make a normal wash, designed for this type of tissue.
also to remove stains from delicate fabrics with gouache, you can use stain remover under the trade name "Vanish", which is available for white and colored fabrics.Read the instructions, apply the product to the place of pollution, keep the time indicated on the packaging, add a scoop "Vanisha" in the wash.
To remove fresh stains you can use a mixture of equal parts of oxalic acid and ammonia.Apply the product to the place of pollution, soak 30 minutes, rinse the cloth in warm clean water, wash the item in the washing machine.